Below is a listing of upcoming events hosted by the IAMCC as well a catalogue of past events.

Upcoming events

[May 27, 2023] Contested Identities: At the Intersection of Black, British and Muslim, Ejatu Shaw

Jan 18th 2023

Shaw's photography draws upon Islamic references and diasporic African cultural tropes to depict her immersion as well as shift from both.

[Apr 15, 2023] Art on the Streets: Human Rights, Feminism and South Asian Identity, Shehzil Malik

Jan 16th 2023

Our discussion will take us through the artwork developed by Shehzil for Aurat March (Women’s March), a remarkable movement of solidarity for women’s rights in Pakistan.

[Mar 18, 2023] All Eyes on Me: The Violence of Discrimination, Kaashif Ghanie

Jan 15th 2023

This conversation will highlight Kaashif Ghanie’s artistic practice which responds to racial discrimination.

[Feb 18, 2023] Mythological Migrations: Imagining Queer Muslim Utopias, Abdullah Qureshi

Jan 14th 2023

This project examines formations of queer identity and resistance in Muslim migratory contexts.

The IAMCC Art and Activism Series: Art and Activism in Contemporary Global Landscapes

Jan 01st 2023

The Islamic Art & Material Culture Collaborative (IAMCC) is pleased to announce the launch of the second iteration of its online conversation series.

Past events

View to the U: An eye on UTM research podcast, Ruba Kana’an

Apr 14th 2022

Ruba Kana'an, a historian of Islamic art in the Department of Visual Studies at UofT Mississauga, talks about art and architecture.

[March 4, 2022] “Painting as Process, Painting as Surface: The Shifting Status of the Image in Medieval Islam”

Feb 21st 2022

The Department of Art History Guest Lecture Series is pleased to present: "Painting as Process, Painting as Surface: The Shifting Status of the Image in Medieval Islam"

[March 26, 2022] Onstage Conversations: Art As Dialogue

Feb 15th 2022

As societies are polarized by words and images, what is the role of art in bridging the divides - and offering the prospect of a fuller citizenship? 

[Feb 24-25, 2022] Hidden Stories: Global History, Local Networks (Virtual Symposium)

Feb 01st 2022

Join the Aga Khan Museum on February 24 and 25 for an online symposium celebrating the exhibition Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads.

[Feb 12, 2022] Global Displays of Islamic Art Today (Panel)

Jan 23rd 2022

Virtual panel discussion on the new and complex ways in which museums and galleries of Islamic art use objects today to communicate broader ideas and narratives in various global contexts.

Senior Fellows Showcase feat. Samantha Summers, Rebecca Tunney, May 22, 2021

May 15th 2021

IAMCC Senior Fellows Showcase: Metalworks, Medieval Mosul, Minecraft, and Museums As part of its mandate to foster innovative and interdisciplinary research on Islamic art and material culture, the IAMCC’s Fellowship Program provides collaborative learning opportunities for student researcher under the guidance of Toronto’s world-class cultural and academic institutions. In this session, the two 2020-2021 Senior […]

Deconstructing the Code: Craft Collaborations in Morocca feat. Sara Ouhaddou, April 24

Apr 15th 2021

Sara Ouhaddou discusses working w/ female weavers in the Atlas Mountains, potters in Marrakesh, and young female embroiderers in Tetouan. In this conversation, Dr Mariam Rosser-Owen of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, will speak with the French-Moroccan artist, Sara Ouhaddou, about her past projects working with female weavers in the Atlas Mountains, with potters […]

From Craft to Art: Egyptian Appliqué-work in Light of Local & Global Change feat. Seif El Rashidi, March 27

Mar 15th 2021

In this conversation, Seif El Rashidi will discuss the over one thousand-year-old tradition of textile appliqué work (khayamiyya) in Egypt. This conversation explores the over one thousand-year-old tradition of textile appliqué work (khayamiyya) in Egypt, which continues to thrive in the ‘Street of the Tentmakers’ in the heart of historic Cairo’s bustling center. Seif El […]

The Museum’s Role in Amplifying and Sustaining Craft and Making feat. Leslee Michelsen, Feb 27

Feb 15th 2021

This conversation will focus on the ways in which museums have contributed to the development and promotion of the craft heritage sector through exhibitions, publications, and commissions, with a focus on projects undertaken by the Doris Duke Foundation and Turquoise Mountain.

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Difference Between Islamic Art and Craft? feat. Marcus Milwright, Jan 30

Jan 15th 2021

Professor Marcus Milwright discusses the distinctions made between Islamic art and craft. This conversation will focus on the ways in which the crafts of the Islamic world have been represented in scholarship and in contemporary art and museum practice. A particular issue in this respect is the imposition of a dichotomy, derived from Western European […]

Embroidery from Palestine: Disciplining the Past to Craft the Future feat. OmarJoseph Nasser-Khoury, Nov 21

Nov 15th 2020

OmarJoseph Nasser-Khoury discusses the techniques of embroidery and rural textile traditions from Palestine In this conversation Omar will talk about his experiences working to document and understand certain techniques of embroidery and rural textile traditions from Palestine. He will focus on the techniques themselves, the people he has worked with, and some of the ideas […]

New from Old: Designs Inspired by the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo feat. Omniya Abdel Barr, Oct 31

Oct 15th 2020

Omniya Abdel Barr discusses the “Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars Project of Cairo” and its impact on contemporary Egyptian craft and design.