[May 8, 2024] Exploring the Digital: Islamic Art and the Museum

Event: In-person

Date: Wednesday, May 8

Time: 12:00 pm -2:00 pm

Location: Natalie Zemon Davis Conference Room, SS 2098, Department of Art History

In-person Event: Register Here – Space is Limited

A light lunch will be served.

The Islamic Art and Material Culture Collaborative is pleased to announce a roundtable discussion featuring IAMCC co-chairs in conversation with guest panelists. As digital tools increasingly shape public discourse and knowledge building, this panel considers how practitioners and organizations grapple with the technological, methodological, and ethical implications of the digital at the museum and beyond. The panel will highlight the role of digital technology while considering the role of the academy and other stakeholders. Guest panelist Raphaël Weyland, Historian at Ubisoft, will offer insight into the gaming industry while Immersive Technology Specialist Michael Carter-Arlt (Toronto Metropolitan University) will engage the interactive displays at the Aga Khan Museum, including recent exhibitions (Remastered and Rumi). Guest panelists include IAMCC co-chairs Ruba Kana’an (University of Toronto, Mississauga), Fahmida Suleman (ROM), Michael Chagnon (Aga Khan Museum) and Heba Mostafa (University of Toronto, St. George).